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i've been on a sort of a hiatus here but. minitrog, i will miss you, so many of us will miss you. we had some really awesome times, chatting and emailing and commenting and being dorktastic together about fandom and life and all sorts of fun things. you lit up a lot of lives, and were an inspiration to me to stay strong. i can't even count how many times you cheered me up over the years that we knew each other, and i hope that i offered some light to you, as well.
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li'l help here

i am doing some research into web design for a business proposition a friend of mine and i are working on, and i would like some imput on what are good places to host webpages. we need a domain name, but we don't need tons of space. and we'd really like someplace reliable, that's been around for awhile. expense is not at the very top of the list, as this will be a money-making enterprise, but since we're a start-up something somewhat cost-effective would be preferable.

any suggestions? where do you guys go to host domains? what do you get versus what you don't get?

thanks so much to anyone who is willing to help me out on this. :)
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(no subject)

someone really needs to do an A:tS vid to Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chile Peppers. Or if this has already been done, someone should point me in the direction of said vid. 'cause that song? is SO angel. :D
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so i've been thinking a lot about writing lately. (i know it's kind of a ludicris idea right now, as i average about three hours of sleep a day, after school and work. but i still think about it.) specifically, i've been thinking about original writing, so i guess i'm directing this post to those of you who've done original work.

i really want to write original fiction, i would love to create people and worlds and stories that are entirely my own. but i have only vague, abstract ideas, nothing concrete, nowhere to even start, really. how do you guys do it? do you just take a small idea and form around it characters and settings and plots, or do ideas come to you fully formed? if it's the former, how do you go about really setting up your stories?

i know this probably seems kind of rediculous. i know how to write, how to shape stories around an idea, because i've been doing it for years and years already. but i've never really done a lot of original stuff, things where nothing is pre-set for me. there are no characters to take and mold, there is no world already created to set everything up in.

ugh, it's frustrating for me, i guess, because i really, really want to challenge myself by writing something original, but i have nothing to start with.

this is probably mad incoherent. i'm very tired LOL.
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words are neat

imagine my surprise when i came home from MIDI lab today and found this in my email:

hahaha i giggled quite a lot. :D good times!
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haha am watching last week's Bones and like... i know it is geeky, but how hot is it that Booth was wearing chucks with his suit? haha. i mean, um. content = good, too. yeah, i suck at being one of those in-depth viewers. i'm all about the squee, baby.

I love this show so much. ♥♥♥
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just a quickie

i have left phoenix. i will be back to visit in a few months most likely. :) however, i am currently at my parent's place, so if anything happens that you want me to read, please link me to it. i don't have the patience to wait for my big huge flist to load at 14.4kps. just sayin haha.

nimbo is still crying. ugh.